Social Media

When you hire an agency, you ensure your business is using social media effectively to connect with customers and build brand trust.

Why Hire a Social Media Agency?

To Use Social Media for Business Correctly.

Yes, countless people are on social media. This doesn’t mean they understand how to use social media for BUSINESS. The strategies, rules, and trends are very different for businesses than they are for personal accounts.

Social Media is Constantly Changing.

Facebook alone averages 6 – 7 significant changes each month. Social media can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Agencies make it their business to know about these changes and adapt their strategies as needed.

To Avoid a PR Nightmare.

There have been far too many businesses that have learned this the hard way. It’s way too easy to accidentally tweet from the wrong Twitter account or post something incorrectly.

To Avoid Being Sued or Losing Your Social Media Accounts.

There are many things you can do on social media that can get you into trouble. Without doing research, many people don’t know these things. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted agency that stays up to date on social media rules and regulations.

More Bang for Your Buck.

Marketing with social media is more than just posting an update or tweeting. An agency can plan consistent messages in-tune with your branding strategy, create unique and compelling content and analyze and adapt based on tracking, data and audience responses. Why continue to pay for something that’s not working?

More data = More Return on Your Investment.

Why Hire one Person when you can Have a Whole Team?

Working with an agency provides access to an entire team of professionals with varying expertise which means you’re getting more! More experience, more backgrounds, more strengths = More results.

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